Our disc wheel sandpaper products are composed of the ordinary wing type (wing paper), gold type (gold paper) that is attached with back-up pads, and shaft flap wheel papers that come in various sizes. These are used by mounting them to ordinary handheld grinders. They are also widely used in metal and woodworks and to remove rust and grind various surfaces.

  • – Grinding various metal surfaces, softening the edges, working with woods, removing rust, and grinding various surfaces
Available Specification & Sizes
Shape Grit size (#) Diameter (D) Thickness (T) Hole (H)
Wing Type #40~#320 100 25 15.88
Gold Type (Ordinary) #60, #80 100 10 15.88
Gold Type (Zirconia) #40~#100 100 10 15.88
Shaft Flap Wheel #60, #80 25~63 25 6